Tailor made entertainment

Tailor made experiences specially designed for your group.

We offer tailor made experiences for small or large groups which are filled with song, dance or acting of any kind.

  • Pick your favorite character in the history of Iceland and let them welcome your group at their hotel. For example: Get Ingólfur Arnarsson to meet your guests at their hotel and tell them a little about the country.
  • Add some comedy waiters to the welcome dinner. The guests believe they are at a regular dinner party with regular waiters but suddenly they begin to notice some strange things happening.
  • Get Grýla the troll to show up in Surtshellir cave.
  • Have real Vikings steal your bus on your way to Þingvellir.
  • Get Elves to sing a few of their songs in a cave or over dinner.
  • Have some trolls meet your guests at Hveravellir and hear their stories.

These are just a few examples, anything is possible.

Consult with us and we will create an unforgettable experience.